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#SunProof #SagProof #KidProof

#SunProof #SagProof #KidProof

I am often asked what makes our swimwear a consistent favourite amongst parents and stores alike.  My response usually centres around our tagline -  #SUNPROOF #SAGPROOF #KIDPROOF.

#SUNPROOF – We insist on using only the highest quality fabrics from around the globe which must be rated UPF50+. This means that each garment will block out 98% of the very harmful UVA and UVB rays.

#SAGPROOF – Parents don’t want to waste money on swimwear for their kids when it looks all saggy and baggy after just a few wears.  All our fabrics are carefully chosen for their level of resistance against the deteriorating effects of chlorine and saltwater.  Our swimwear consistently outlasts many other brands in the market and is a definite favourite for mums and dads seeking quality, function and style.

#KIDPROOF – Not one style will ever be released if it hasn’t received the thumbs up from our kid testers.  After all they are the ones who will be wearing it right?!

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