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  • Swimshorts

    Your little girl will make a splash in a pair of our funky, brightly coloured swimshorts, designed and printed right here in Australia. Like all our products, theyre rated UPF50+, meaning they offer excellent broad spectrum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

    All our kids swimwear is made of lightweight, breathable Italian fabric, so your mini sandcrab will feel comfortable through long days at the beach. When the weather cools down and the fun moves indoors, fabric-degrading chlorine can ruin a beautiful swimsuit. Most swimwear will gradually fade and lose its shape with repeated exposure to heavily chlorinated indoor pools. Since our girls swimshorts are highly resistant to chlorine and feature an elastic, corded waistband, theyll keep their bright colour and fit like a glove for years to come! Order a pair from anywhere in the world through our easy-to-use online shop, or find a fashionable childrens boutique near you.

    At Mini Sandcrabs, were committed to making swimsuits children love. In fact, one of the reasons we launched our own line was to shake up the world of bland, boring childrens swimwear unfortunately all too common when it comes to sun-protective brands. Whether your little girl prefers solids, stripes, or prints, theres a pair of Mini Sandcrabs swimshorts shell be excited to put on. Theyre also tons of fun to mix and match with our other products. A pair of swimshorts looks adorable with a bikini top or a kids rashie thats the signature Mini Sandcrabs look! 

  • Swimsuits

    Too often, sun-protective childrens swimwear is dull and unappealing to kids. Thats where Mini Sandcrabs comes in. Having been road-tested on plenty of kids, we know from experience and customer feedback that kids get excited about wearing our vibrant designs. Functional and stylish, everything we make is rated UPF50+, meaning it blocks 98% of the suns harmful UVA and UVB rays. Proven sun safety is why parents love our products as much as their kids do! Now your little girl can look adorable in one of our striped or printed swimsuits while you enjoy peace of mind knowing our products are so sun-protective. We are working hard to reduce the incidence of skin cancer, all too common in Australia where solar radiation is among the strongest in the world.

    Did you know that swimwear in Queensland, Ireland, and New Zealand is referred to as togs? No need to worry about your Mini Sandcrabs togs fading or sagging with exposure to chlorine. These bathers are made to last, with durable, chlorine-resistant fabric. Sensitive skin loves our breathable, soft material, designed to feel as amazing as it looks. Chlorine resistance also means an extra layer of protection for delicate skin, especially important for young children who spend a lot of time in heavily chlorinated indoor pools. For extra protection, pair a swimsuit with a short or long-sleeved childrens rashie. Everything in our product line is designed to mix and match!  

    Use our simple online tool to find our swimwear in a fashionable childrens boutique near you, or place an order online. Our top-quality swimsuits ship worldwide!


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Showing 1 - 12 of 57 items